Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Have a Love/Hate Realtionship with Sundays

Today, archery was the first on my scheduled events. I got up plenty early, but couldn't seem to get out the door on time, plus I forgot my sign-off sheet for them to sign that I completed that portion of the training. Lovely. And today it was all about form. So I had a guy behind me (which I hate when people stand behind me) and say, "Don't lean forward, no, no, like this, yes, yes. And pull the string against your nose, yes, yes. Pull straaaaaiiiiight baaaack..." in a British accent that is distracting anyway, and it took the joy out of the whole experience. I'm going back, but if someone else stands behind me and narrates every freaking move I make again, I may just smack them. Maybe. I go to these archery sessions to get all my frustration and some aggression out. It failed today.

Although, I connected with my more cuddley side before I left and met a cat. The people at the Sports Centre take care of her. At least I think it was a female, since she had a collar with pink hearts on it. She was white with black spots, and she was sleeping like the dead. I came up and petted her and she barely twitched, I had to scrath underneath her shin to get any purring. Such a sweety. It was the highlight of my day. I miss my Della at home!

Then I had to walk to the Library, which I usually have to do every Sunday, so it was alright. I can actually feel myself getting used to walking the hills. I doesn't feel as though I've run a marathon and I'm two seconds away from pulling my hamstring. Yeah! Then I sat in the library putting together a PowerPoint I'm not even being graded on, but it was enlightening just the same.

Next I had to go into Beeston, since this Wednesday I can't. I have a session/lecture that I have to attend. I just made it into the grocery store 15 minutes before closing. Then I proceeded to run around the store frantically grabbing everything I would need for the week. Mom sent me some tuna (why she thought there was no canned tuna in England, I have no idea. It was appreciated, but I was puzzled nonetheless.) Tuna here is one pound per can. So score one for Mom! I got some eggs (which England does not refrigerate apparently. I mean they just sit on shelves on an aisle. I thought those things went bad if they sit out to long? Am I wrong?) and tried to find some sweet dill pickles. I asked one of the ladies who works there, and she gave me the owlish look that says, "I have no idea what just came out of your mouth." and I assumed those too do not live in England. I get that look a lot and I'm getting very acquainted with it. They pickle everything else though. Thus was my quest to put together a perfect tuna sandwich. Minus the pickles.

I took some pictures of the town, and now you too can see how dead it was around 4:30 pm on a Sunday evening. Enjoy!

Remember, this is BEEston. This is a statue of a (historically famous) guy covered in tiny little bee sculptures. The picture doesn't show it really well. Then there's the hive right across from him.

I saw this cute little gate on my way home. There's a squirrel in the distance. I miss the squirrels at Austin College.