Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Good Life in Vienna....

The next stop on the marathon was in Vienna. I had been there briefly before, but was sick then. So this was my chance to see the city properly. While very pretty, I was surprised how many tourists there were. But everyone was very nice and Annie and I had a great time.

Me in front of Vienna's stutue to Mozart.

We went on a tram ride around the city and saw this old church.

Opera House

Best Desert of the trip at Demel's. A lovely mousse covered in chocolate with a crunchy base, and Gold flecks on top. So rich and creamy. And a perfect latte.

The kitchen and staff behind all their wonderful creations.

The palace and riding school.

Part of the royal family's china collection.

Roayl family sitting room.

The King's room.
The Queen's room.

The Palace.

Lunch. Cheesy sausage, roll, and a Fanta.

The Royal jewels.

And your parents always said money didn't grow on trees. They were right, gold does. Look whose laughing now?

At the park.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Notes From Munich...

I was lucky enough recently to travel to three locations. However, this excursion needed to stay within a 10 day time frame. So, my 10 day travel marathon began in Munich, Germany. I know what you're thinking. Why Munich? Mostly because I could stay at a college acquaintance of mine who lives there full-time as a teacher. I went with another college friend, Annie, who I had worked with as an Resident Assistant. Much fun ensued....

It's half Coke, half Fanta. Fooled you didn't I?


Yes, that is a motorcycle covered in animal fur. Only in Bavaria.

This beer garden and brewery is used for political meetings, and was used as a Nazi meeting place. Can you guess what those flowing flags between the lights are covering?

People who opposed the Nazi would walk down this street (Viscardigasse) to avoid the compulsory saluting that every person was made to do at the end of a street connected to this one. The SS then began to wait for them and would shoot any who didn't have a plausible reason for taking this street instead of the other. There were riots and eleven protesters and five SS were killed. The gold line down the street is to remember those who protested and were murdered for their beliefs.

These papers are permanently affixed onto the pavement outside Munich University in remembrance of the student protesters. They would shove protest fliers off the balconies just as large classrooms of students were letting out. All five of the leaders of the White Rose Society were beheaded as a warning to any others.

This a traditional Bavarian wedding custom. The bride and groom are in the fancy white car on their way to the reception and their wedding party are ridding in the v-dub behind them. As I took this photo they hooted, hollered and clapped.

At a palace turned museum.

Annie goofing around.