Friday, April 24, 2009


We went to London last and it's my favorite city of all. It may have something to do with all the bookstores and tea shops per square mile in the city. It was not the greatest weather, but it wouldn't be London, without getting a bit wet.

On Westminster Bridge:

Big Ben!

The London Eye:

Westminster Abbey:

England's Throne: (not very impressive looking in my opinion, but the history is)

Poet's Corner (Memorials and Burials of famous artists, musicians and writers)

William Shakespeare's Memorial

Charles Dickens is buried right there.

Leader of England's Revolution against King Charles I. Only non-royal to ever have complete control of country. And he got the most pitiful burial spot in the place. All the way in the back and just this little stone marking his final remains.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Mary II (Bloody Mary)

Protesters outside Parliament. They want the Tiger Army to stop killing people in Sri Lanka and leave them alone. They are being targeted for genocide. England could care less.

Downing Street, where Mr. Brown lives. If you don't know who that is I shake my head at you and roll my eyes skyward.

Horse Guards (something like that). They're her majesty's cavalry.

We took a walk through Hyde Park...Mom loved the flowers.

Buckingham Palace (We went there twice. The first time my camera promptly died two pictures in, so we came the next day to watch the Changing of the Guards.)

The crowds at the Changing of the Guards was insane:

I ran into my friend Rahul there in a happy coincidence. We took a picture of eachother.

A few pictures from the actual Changing of the Guards:

The two different leaders exchanging a few pleasantries:

Red-coats leaving:

British Museum: (Finding this place was one of the few times I had to ask for directions from someone off the street. And I wasn't even really lost, just looking at the building from behind.)

The Rosetta Stone:

CAKE!! So beautiful.

Covet Garden:

There are performers all around this place putting on about the same show for you. But don't say your American. If you don't you can see how many jokes they make about us, it's enlightening to say the least. I know it was for Mom.

City of Westminster:

Victoria & Albert Museum