Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At Last!!!

I'm done printing and binding my final journal paper!!! Tomorrow I will hand it in and be forever done with school, homework, bi-polar professors, clueless university administrative staff, and countless hours reading articles, books, journals that are so boring my eyes want to roll into the back of my head and die there.

What I am going to miss are the people I meet and the travelling that came along with much of my studies. I know I could have stayed in Washington, gone to a cheap state school and never left the Pacific Northwest if I had wanted to. However, I did not want to study in one place, and I had the means to travel. I have a friend, Ray, from archery who has come to call me the Gypsy Scholar, and he's not half wrong.

The process that lead to my final journal paper involved all of this:

Which I consumed in about a 2 week period.

I had a few mishaps too. The first one was getting off a bus. I made a sharp right turn off the bus and smacked my head into the side mirror. I now have a noticeable mark on my forehead when I have no make-up on.

The second was this:

It's cinnamon all over my floor. I was making french toast and the container got away from me. The upside was that my room smelled scrumptious for a whole week.

Needless to say my mind has been really preoccupied with this final paper/project. I'm just glad it's done. And in 5 days I'll be home in Washington.

How long I'll stay in Washington though, is any one's guess. Seriously, I'll take any Human Resource job that's not a scam anywhere in the continental United States.