Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beer Fest & A Robin Hood Arrow

This weekend I was unusually busy. In a good way, thankfully. On Saturday morning I went to Nottingham Castle and attended a Beer Festival. I had never been to one, so I thought, "Why not?" Personally, I dislike the taste of beer, especially European beer, mostly because it is generally heavier and hazy. But I decided to go anyway, it still sounded fun. It was 3.50 pounds to get in, then I had to put down a deposit on a glass. When I wanted to leave, I exchanged the unbroken glass for deposit. If one wanted a whole 1/2 pint, there were tokens costing 1.20 pounds each, but I discovered you could just ask for a taste, and they only gave you a small amount. This was fine by me, since that was all I wanted in the first place. I enjoyed tasting the ciders, but the Perry Ciders were too sweet. If a person doesn't like the taste of a particular beer, then all you had to do was pour it into the grass. After a while, the smell beneath the tents was rank because of this. Masses of bodies, grass, and stale beer is not a pleasant smell. The food served at the festival included fish & chips, (British)beef hamburgers, seafood (raw oysters, shrimp, mussels, crab, lobster sticks etc.) and my favorite was a whole roasted hog. It was delicious. There weren't many places to sit, which would be my only complaint, but otherwise, I had a great time.

On Sunday morning I always attend archery, and I'm glad I did that day. Every beginner got to use their own bow, so there was less waiting in line, and more shooting. The amazing part of the session was that somebody shot a "Robin Hood" which hasn't happened in years. You're probably thinking, "What is a 'Robin Hood?'". Well it's when somebody shoots an arrow into or splits another arrow already on the target. The amazing part was that these arrows are hollow metal, so you could see metal peelings where the second arrow entered the back of the first. Another crazy thing was that the kid who made the shot did it by pure dumb luck! If I were him I'd go buy a lotto ticket pronto.

The only downside of this weekend is that I forgot to carry around my camera, so I have no pictures as of now. I am trying to have others send me theirs though, so there may be pictures in the future!